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February 08, 2010


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Awesome. I love mushrooms, but never dreamed of creating one!


Thank you for posting RuthAnne. The mushroom Troll told me his whole story before I even finished sculpting his face. The usually tell me their story eventually but this guy was very clear and detailed with his. It made the whole piece come together quite easily.

Mack Shepperson

This is so amazing! I think you should have this story published. The mushroom maiden is gorgeous, and the troll is perfect. Your visual artistry and writing talent are exceptional.


Thank you so much for your comments. All of my figures emerge with a story. As I sculpt they tell me their stories and the characters unfold. I have little control over who they are, where they've been, or even what they look like. These beings just come into our world through me and a bit of faerie magic.

A book of all of my creatures and their stories is delightful concept. All I need is an editor and a photographer! It will happen!

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