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July 08, 2010


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Very cool,I love his face,its a great concept and technique.
i hope things improve in your family soon.


Gorilla sculpting.. I think I must try this!

I hope things do get better soon for you and yours.


You did this in only 2 hours? Wow!

Knot By Gran'ma

This is pretty amazing. I love the concept.


wow, only 2 hours! your rock!!
he is really cool!


Ok... I can't believe that you 've actually gone that far (and even managed to take some wip pics) at so little time!!!!

LOVE the coloring on your little guy, the caterpillar is one of my favorite characters and I absolutely LOVE how yours is going so far!

Can't wait to see it finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brilliant work already :)


collette schildkraut

I'm so glad you managed to finish on time, he's amazing and I love the hookah.

helen fern

I can't believe you did it in two hours! Amazing - and fabulous work!


Amazing! You are a talented sculptor and fast too! Wonderful caterpillar!

Aimee Jeffries

Wow he's great, and in two hours! Whew!


great job, it would have taken me forever, well done you. Linda:)


Guerilla sculpting - love it, that should be the next challenge!! He is fantastic - nothing like a dead line to move things along!!



Evelyn's Wonderland

I love the concept and in 2 hours, you rock! I hope things get better for you soon!


Thank you all for stopping by. I'll be back home tonight and will continue on with my caterpillar. I'll visit and comment on your blogs too.

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