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June 29, 2011


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Kim Swearingen

Ok, this reminds me of the show "Chopped" where the guest chefs open a basket with secret ingredients like mussels, raspberry jam, bitter melon and pumpkin seeds and are tasked with making a desert. You opened the goody bag and found a glass bird bead and a ring blank and who knows what else and this is what you did with it! Very impressive but not surprising from an imagination like yours. I love it!

Kim Swearingen

Oops. Yes I know the difference between dessert and desert. Even the most creative chef couldn't make a desert!


I LOVE that show Kim! I knew immediately what I would do with my little Blue Bird of Happiness! I am so pleased with the results I think I need to make more!

I agree with you that this year Polypalooza was even better than ever. There was magic in the air for sure! It was just great seeing and sharing a bit of wine and chocolate with you! We must do it again!

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